Monday, August 11, 2014


not seen too often on TV, the print media or the social media

Interview with journalist Douglas Murray

If you watch only one thing about the conflict, watch this amazing piece of journalism from Canada, please, and then pass it on so others can see what responsible journalism is all about.

Douglas Kear Murray, born: July 16, 1979, Scotland, United Kingdom is a writer, journalist and commentator. He was the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion from 2007 until 2011,] and is currently an associate director of the Henry Jackson Society.
2.     Education: Magdalen College, Oxford, Eton College
4.     Awards: Lambda Literary Award for Gay Biography/Autobiography

Murray appears regularly in the British broadcast media, commentating on issues from a conservative standpoint, and he is often critical of Islam. He writes for a number of publications, including Standpoint, the Wall Street Journal and The Spectator. He is the author of Neoconservatism: Why We Need It (2005) and Bloody Sunday: Truths, Lies and the Saville Inquiry (2011).

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