Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"BIG" - Looking for advice and participation.

Dear BIG Subscriber,

This week’s letter has a different format as we need your advice and participation.

The BIG committee recently held a meeting to discuss how we can improve our efforts to promote Israel’s good image and give our subscribers the information that they need.  To do this, we need your help.

We would like to see our subscribers respond to biased and inaccurate reporting in news bulletins and newspapers, particularly the local editions, both in articles and the letters pages. Further there is a trend in professional journals to publish anti – Israel articles and there is a need to challenge them. We are available to provide information if required.

We are also asking you to let us know what kind of news and facts about Israel are most important and useful to you in your hasbara work and for general interest.  This information will also help us in keeping the BIG website updated with relevant information. Suggested categories are:

1.      Israeli medical and scientific discoveries.
2.      Israeli hi-tech start-up companies & general business news.
3.      Agriculture and water in Israel.
4.      Energy issues, solar, gas and oil.
5.      Nature and wildlife in Israel.
6.      Tourism.
7.      News stories that may never reach the media.
8.      News about events in the Middle East that effect Israel.
9.      Other
We are also looking for a volunteer, who is able to help us in raising and maintaining the standard of our website and willing to join us in our task of ensuring that BIG is able to publicise, worldwide, the many wonderful and positive aspects of Israel and that BDS does not gain ground  by default.  You can be located anywhere in the world.  If you are interested in this important task please contact us at with a few details about yourself.

Best wishes,

The "BIG" Committee

Video of the weekDigging the past in the City of David -


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  1. News stories that may never reach the media
    News about events in the Middle East that effect Israel.