Thursday, June 9, 2016


            Watch the Oxfam video at - , then read the true facts below


a)   Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel as a sovereign entity. It’s in their charter and they publicly announce it at every opportunity.
b)   As shown in the map, Gaza has two borders: one with fellow Arab country Egypt and one with their enemy Israel.  Given that Gaza initiates wars against Israel, rocketing Israel’s civilian population, every couple of years, it is only to be  expected that Gaza would have open access for people and trade via Egypt and not Israel.   If Gaza has problems with these access issues, it is an internal Arab problem between the Arab peoples of Egypt and Gaza and has no bearing on Israel.
  c)  No one expects countries to trade with and maintain open borders with their enemies, and so it is illogical and inconsistent to expect such openness between Gaza and Israel.

d)  More aid per capita is given to Gaza than any other group. A look at eight countries in the top 10—Sudan, South Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo—is even more alarming. CIA Factbook data show that these countries have a combined population of 284 million and an average per capita GDP of $2,376. Yet they received an average of $15.30 per capita in development assistance in 2013. The Palestinians, by comparison, with a population of 4.5 million, have a per capita GDP of $4,900.

e)    A large percentage of the aid is taken from the citizens to advance the war preparations of Hamas which is one factor why some donors are not honouring their pledges

f)   Re the water issue, the Israeli Water Commission increased the amount of water supplied to Gaza according to the Oslo accords by 100% from 5 mcm (mill cubic metres) to 10 mcm

e)   Hamas is not repairing damaged water infrastructure

h)    The World bank has offered finance for a desalination plant but are suspicious of how the money they offer will be used.

i)   Hamas is not stopping illegal drilling of wells which has damaged the salinity of water table.

j)   The border restrictions are in place in Israel AND Egypt because of the constant attempts by Hamas to import terror related materials.

k)     The citizens of Gaza are captive by Hamas, they have no freedoms of action or speech

l)    Every requested movement of the population, for example hospital visits must be checked thoroughly.
One Gazan woman who had been treated in Beer Sheva hospital returned for, supposedly, follow up treatment tried to blow herself up in that same hospital

m)   In spite of the need for thoroughly checking every request for permission to leave, 20,000 Gazans visited the Temple Mount in 2015  Read for information on assistance given in the field of health care, Palestinian importers and exporters,

n)   Despite all the problems created by Hamas, Israel provides significant humanitarian aid to Gaza (as she does to  Syrian civilians in the North), and it is a tribute to Israel that she does so. See Cogat website above.     

o)     In the words of the King of Siam in The King and I - -“etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…..”


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