Tuesday, February 18, 2020


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For the full article, by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdikgo to  https://palwatch.org/page/17409

During an official Palestinian Authority TV program called Workers' Affairs, which focused on internal labor issues for Palestinians, Israel was lauded for its better conditions for Palestinians. Israeli labor laws, positive working conditions, higher pay, health benefits, vacation time and more that Palestinian workers enjoy while working for Israelis were praised by Palestinian workers and their lawyers. As a result of the better treatment by Israelis, Palestinians choose to work for them rather than Palestinian employees: 

This PMW report documents the basis for these conclusions as found in interviews with Palestinian labor lawyers and workers on PA TV and in the official PA daily, and with statistics from the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics.

"Whenever Palestinian workers have the opportunity to work for Israeli employers, they are quick to quit their jobs with their Palestinian employers.” - [Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 21, 2014]

The daily salary for Palestinians working for Israelis is more than double the average West Bank salary from Palestinian employers and more than four times the average salaries in the Gaza Strip:

“The average daily wage for employees in the West Bank was 98.8 shekels compared with 56.7 shekels in the Gaza Strip… the average daily wage for the wage employees in Israel and the Israeli settlements reached 233.3 shekels in the 3rd quarter of 2017.” - [Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Labour Force Survey. (July-September, 2017), Nov. 9, 2017, English original]

“The  average  daily  wage  for  wage  employees in  the  West  Bank  was 107.9 shekels compared with 62.6 shekels in Gaza Strip in the 2nd quarter 2018…The average daily wage for the wage employees in Israel and the Israeli settlements reached 247.9 shekels in the 2nd quarter of 2018 compared with 242.5 shekels in the 1st quarter of 2018.” - [Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Labour Force Survey (April-June, 2018) Round (Q2/2018), English original]

The higher Israeli salaries have been consistent for years according to surveys published by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. In addition, Palestinian workers who work for Israelis have much better working conditions than those employed by Palestinians, and by Israeli law receive the same rights and protection that Israeli workers have.

Israeli Arab labor lawyer Khaled Dukhi, who works with the Israeli NGO Workers' Hotline, says that Israeli labor law is "very good" because it does not differentiate between men and women, Israelis and Palestinians, or Muslims and Jews. However, he explained that Palestinian workers who work for Israelis still suffer because Palestinian middlemen "steal" a significant part of their salaries, especially those of women:

Attorney Khaled Dukhi of Workers’ Hotline: "Israeli labor law is a very good law regarding workers' rights, for both men and women. Israeli law does not differentiate between a worker who has entered Israel illegally or legally... Unfortunately, even though it is very good, in practice, the law has become very bad for female Palestinian workers. For instance, the Palestinian female workers in the agricultural sector enjoy many rights, like any Israeli worker in the agricultural sector: The salary is higher than the minimum wage, 14 vacation days a year in the first four years, 2,000 shekels convalescence pay [yearly] in the first year and 2,200 shekels in the second and third year for every worker in Israel, payment for holidays, whether Islamic or Jewish. It is a matter of choice."

An article in the official PA daily lauded Israel and Israeli employers of Palestinians for their positive employment ethics towards their Palestinian workers, while condemning Palestinian employers for taking advantage of their workers.


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"Israel Facts Not Fables"

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 From J.Post 31-01-2020 - By STEWART WEISS

This past week in Israel, leaders from around the globe – from Pence to Putin to Prince Charles – gathered dramatically in Jerusalem to commemorate the Shoah and to spotlight both the victims and the villains of the Holocaust.

The Nazis were masters of deception, ingeniously creating a pervasive false reality that masked their crimes and their central cause – the murder of every Jew on the planet. Concentration camps were “labor farms,” roundups of Jews and mass murder were “Aktions,” and death camps were “resettlement centers.” Show camps like Theresienstadt put a false face on the horror, while signs of “Arbeit Macht Frei” on the outside gates masked the terror within. Much of the world was fooled, with disastrous consequences for our loved ones.

And even today, the Palestinians create a parallel universe made up of smoke and mirrors, forging a phony history of their own while using every means to erase, expunge and obliterate our truth: the truth of King David and King Solomon, of the Temple in Jerusalem and the 3,000-year presence of Jews in our homeland. Our holy texts affirm without a shred of doubt our legitimate claim to this land, while they are the authors of the shortest book in history: Ancient Palestinian Culture and Custom.

YET I wonder: Will the true events of Jewish history remain fact in the years to come, or will they be turned into fiction? The question is worth considering, for indeed our accomplishments in the last century boggle the mind and invite disbelief.

Will generations to come believe that we could survive the devastating Shoah and emerge to revive and recreate our ancient land and language?

Could we have really won a War of Independence against all odds and predictions, and then, soon after, vanquish seven Arab armies in just six short days?

Could we have actually taken in millions of immigrants – many of them elderly and impoverished – and could we have increased our population by 1,000% in just two generations?!

Could we possibly have made our tiny nation the hi-tech capital of the world, dramatically bestowing innovations of all types upon humanity, increasing its quality and longevity of life?

Will all this be acknowledged by future generations as fact, or will it be dismissed as fanciful fairy tales concocted by creative Jewish minds?

There are two conflicting narratives fiercely competing in the world today. One suggests that the Jews are an oppressive, malevolent force, robbing the world of its resources, stealing the property of others and espousing a doctrine of supremacy and world domination.

The other affirms that the Jewish people are benevolent, decent, industrious citizens who hold the moral high ground and bring abundant blessing to every nation in which they live.

It is our sacred task, I suggest, to fight passionately for the truth we know to be real, to dispel the clouds of doubt and defamation that too often swirl around us.

It is an uphill battle, to be sure, because ignorance is a societal cancer that spreads exponentially, perverting and polluting even the best and brightest of minds.

We have the obligation to devote ourselves to separating the facts from the fables and declare, with unabashed pride: Israel is real.