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Palestinian textbooks are funded by the UK

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by Louise Ellman from JNEWS - MAR 20, 2019,

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I am a strong supporter of Britain’s international aid budget and for the money which the UK gives to the Palestinian Authority being used to promote a two-state solution.

Our government is currently giving millions of pounds each year to Palestinian schools which are teaching a curriculum which incites hatred, glorifies violence and promotes terror; nothing could do more to harm the cause for peace than fostering old hatreds and prejudices in another generation of children and young people.
This has to stop, that is why I have published my International Development Assistance (Values Promoted in Palestinian Authority Schoolsbill this week.

My LFI colleagues and I warned the government in September 2017 about the pernicious content of the new curriculum which the PA was about to introduce in its schools. As the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education has suggested, this curriculum is “more radical than ever, purposefully and strategically encouraging Palestinian children to sacrifice themselves to martyrdom”.
Some of the content is truly horrifying. Five-year-olds are taught the word for “martyr” as part of their first lessons in Arabic; 11-year-olds taught that martyrdom and jihad are “the most important meanings of life”; and teenagers taught those who sacrifice themselves will be rewarded with “72 virgin brides in paradise”.
The massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics is endorsed as “the Munich Operation” and cited as a good example of “Palestinian Resistance” against “Zionist interests abroad”.
These lessons in hate are all-pervasive and infest every aspect of the curriculum, while vile anti-Semitic tropes — that Jews sexually harass Muslim women and that they attempted to kill the Prophet Mohammed – are also promoted.
There is no suggestion that peace with Israel is desirable or possible and references to previous peace agreements, summits and proposals, which were present in schoolbooks, have been expunged. In their place, are lies about the Al-Aqsa mosque being under threat and calls to “eliminate the usurper” — by conquering Haifa and Jaffa.
These lessons in hatred are being funded through the Department for International Development’s aid to the PA education budget.
The government first ignored warnings, then promised reviews which never materialised, and then attempted to kick the issue into the long grass by commissioning an international study of the PA’s schoolbooks, despite IMPACT-se already having undertaken an extensive and thoroughly researched investigation.
Last week, the government said it had commissioned a scoping exercise for its review – some 11 months after that review was first announced.
Ministers have rejected LFI’s repeated calls that all aid which directly or indirectly finances those teaching and implementing this curriculum be suspended until fundamental changes are made. Instead, UK aid should be directed towards a new Palestinian Peace Fund supporting young people.
The upshot of this scandalous inaction is that by September, this appalling curriculum will have been taught in Palestinian schools for a third year running.
The PA has taken an utterly uncompromising stance. In September ministers said the PA had “taken action to help address concerns raised”. But this is simply untrue; there were no major changes in the current school year, and in January the PA Minister of Education made clear his rejection of what he called an “attack” on the curriculum led by the “Zionist lobby”.
It’s now time to take action. My bill requires two things. First, that teaching programmes in Palestinian Authority schools financed by the UK should promote common values such as peace, freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination.

Second, that ministers should conduct and publish an annual review to ensure that UK funds are spent in line with UNESCO-derived standards of peace and tolerance in education.
British aid should support the goal — shared by MPs across the House of Commons — of a two-state solution.
It cannot and must not make that goal harder to achieve.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Britain’s decision to ban Hezbollah

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On March 1, 2019, the British Parliament approved the decision to recognize Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organization. According to the decision, any person charged with belonging to or supporting Hezbollah in British territory is liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years. This is a significant decision as up to now only Hezbollah’s military wing (since 2001) and foreign security unit (since 2008) have been designated in Britain as a terrorist organization. This means that from now on, Hezbollah’s political wing, including Hezbollah members serving as ministers in the recently formed Lebanese government, will be designated as terrorists.

Among its reasons for passing the law in Parliament, the British government noted that Hezbollah continues to stockpile weapons in contravention of a UN Security Council Resolution (i.e., Resolution 1701). According to British Home Secretary Sajid Javid, the reason for this step is Hezbollah’s attempts to destabilize the already fragile situation in the Middle East. According to the Home Secretary and other ministers, it is now difficult to distinguish between the organization’s military wing and its political wing, (a distinction) which no longer exists in practice. Therefore, it was decided to declare Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organization (British government website, Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s Twitter account, February 25, 2019).

Hezbollah responded formally to the decision on March 1, 2019, after the British Parliament approved it. Hezbollah vehemently rejected the accusations of terrorism “which the British government had fabricated” and stressed that the organization was a “resistance movement” against the Israeli occupation. The announcement attacks Britain, perceiving it as a “proxy in the ranks of the American patron.” The announcement stresses that Hezbollah would continue to “defend Lebanon, its liberty and its independence.” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi also issued a statement denouncing Britain, stressing that Hezbollah plays a key role in all aspects of life in Lebanon and that it enjoys extensive support from the people. He added that the decision harmed Lebanon’s stability and disregarded international law (Tasnim News Agency, March 2, 2019).

Hezbollah’s terrorist activity has been going on for 37 years, a long period during which considerable evidence has accumulated about the terrorist nature of Hezbollah, which is the main proxy of Iran’s policy of “exporting” terrorism and subversion. This evidence, which includes extensive and reliable intelligence, is in the hands of the security services of the US, European countries and Israel, which have been targets of Iranian and Hezbollah terrorist attacks for a long time. The separation between Hezbollah’s military wing and its political wing is baseless since Hezbollah’s military-terrorist wing and its political wing are intertwined.  Senior Hezbollah figures made it clear in the past that in their view, it was impossible to distinguish between the military wing and the political wing.  Nevertheless, most European countries still make the distinction between Hezbollah’s military wing and its political wing, contrary to the American position. Britain, on the other hand, maintained a united front with the US position when it declared Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organization and imposed sanctions on it and on anyone who helps it.


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Indigenous Aussies form pro-Israel group

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From the Times of Israel -

A group called Indigenous Friends of Israel was established by indigenous Australians in what organizers said was a bid to counter growing support in the country’s Labor party for recognition of a Palestinian state and to boost bipartisan support for Israel.

Spokesperson Munganbana Norman Miller said the national organization is concerned that the Labor Party is “going down a dangerous path” in its attempt to get individual states and then federal Labor endorsement of a Palestinian state while Palestinian leaders do not accept the right of Israel to exist and continue to support terrorism.

Miller spoke Thursday from the north Queensland city of Cairns, an area with high concentrations of indigenous Australians.

“I support a two-state solution and Israel has offered it in 1947, 2000, 2008 and 2014,” he said, “but Arab leadership including Yasser Arafat and current Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas have rejected it. Also, Hamas who are in control of Gaza have vowed to annihilate Israel and drive every Jew into the sea. It is a terrorist organization, recognized as such by the Australian and other governments,” he said.

“At this stage there is no viable Palestinian state until the governments of the West Bank and Gaza sort out their difficulties. Who will the Labor Party and possibly Labor in government recognize?”

Miller told JTA that unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state is likely to further discourage the Palestinians from coming to the negotiating table, which he believes they have been reluctant to do.

A future Palestinian state, which could require land swaps to make it viable, “needs to recognize Israel as a Jewish state with secure borders and call off terrorism, including spending millions of overseas aid money on payments to the families of terrorists and promoting hatred of Jews [among] its schoolchildren,” he said.

“It is simply untrue to maintain that Israel is an apartheid state,” he added. “As Indigenous people, we know what apartheid is. Israel is a beacon of democracy in the Middle East and has Arab members of the Knesset and has Arabs living peacefully and working in all walks of life enjoying their democratic freedoms.”