Friday, September 9, 2011

UK Minister Plays Propagandist for Palestinians

The UK Minister for Overseas development aid DfiD has produced a video in which his bias against Israel comes across in a very blatant way. See and judge for yourselves

There are numerous allegations that he has made without checking for accuracy. We should write to the members of parliament below USING YOUR OWN WORDS but including the points

He claims that the security barrier is a land grab of land, land which “belongs to the Palestinian Authority. There is no reference in it as to why Israel has had to build a the barrier in order to protect its citizens, no reference to the oft repeated government statement that if the PA stop the terror, the barrier can come down and the land returned to its legal owners. Yes, there are still regular instances of terror attacks and attempted attacks, though these are never reported in the international media.

RE the remarks about Israel deliberately depriving the Palestinians of water, these are TOTALLY unsubstantiated. Until 1967, the Jordanians had done NOTHING to provide any water infrastructure for the area. After 1967 took it upon itself to provide the necessary infrastructure so that for the first time, the VAST majority of Palestinians had access to running water. No comment is made of the amount of water stolen and not paid for full details of which can be provided by the Water Commissioner’s Office. No comment is made on a number of projects agreed to be carried out by the Palestinians for the Palestinians and which have never been completed – again full details can be obtained from the same office.

In fact the whole clip seems to have been made with the intention of damaging Israel's reputation. No doubt this was made with the help and advice of the many anti-Israel N.G.O.s operating in Judea and Samaria but it is surprising that a member of Her Majesty's Government would Issue such biased and ill-informed statements without validating his “ facts” from the Israeli side which it is obvious that he didn't.


Please write to the UK members of Parliament below IN YOUR OWN WORDS

Alan Duncan also for attention of his assistants Rob Flint and Frazer Raleigh at the same address,

Send copy to

David Cameron
William Hague
Diane Abbott
Theresa May

This video is irresponsible on behalf a senior member of the ruling Conservative party.

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