Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gaza Kids Train In War Tactics - Learn To Hate Israel

Saturday, June 15, 2013

If you are feeling lost for ideas for what you can get you kid to do this summer, we have got the camp for you.

Islamic Jihad's have invited thousands of children to their summer training camp. At this camp the children will get to pick up an AK-47, and with that AK-47 they will participate in training events that range from shooting practice, fire jumping and IDF outpost attacks.

Ynet reports:

In a somewhat unorthodox summer camp in the Gaza Strip, children aged between six and 16 picked up AK-47s and engaged in a series of quasi-military drills, including a lively game of "kidnap an Israeli soldier" in the sand dunes of Rafah.

An AFP correspondent listed some of the activities the Islamic Jihad summer camp offers its enrollees: Weapons use, jumping over fire and crawling under barbed wire, all performed to the tune of exploding charges.

Aside from technical skills, camp organizers also promise religious lessons.

Several photographs released on Wednesday show a young khaki-clad vacationer, his face colored in camouflage, dragged by two gun-toting tykes from an "outpost" adorned with an Israeli flag, in what appeared to be a reenactment of the Gilad Shalit kidnapping.

AFP reported that the summer camp organizers expect the participation of thousands between the ages of six and 16.

Now that you've read up on some of the great activities your son could be doing (obviously not your daughter, they'd probably use her for stoning to death practice) aren't you now wondering where to sign him up?

Isn't this just appalling? They have sunk to the bottom of all lows, using children to spread their hatred propaganda. Children should never be used as political bait, they should never be trained for the military front line. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

These kids won't hesitate to tell you they aspire to fight the Zionist enemy and kill them wherever and however they can. From toddlers on up, they're indoctrinated to hate and kill by their families, teachers, goverment and spiritual leaders.

Ynet quoted one kindergarten-aged child who said, "I love the resistance and the martyrs and Palestine, and I want to blow myself up on Zionists and kill them on a bus in a suicide bombing."

It is probably another tactic. Hamas and the other anti-Israeli organisations in the Gaza strip know that the IDF will go to all lengths to avoid killing innocent civilians and children. This has to be a political game, play with the heart strings of their enemy, because I am sure they don't even know what a heart is.

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  1. you still dont understand that if you are a Moslem your job is to kill Jews and Christians and Bahais and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all. The problem with the Palestinians is not about territory but about religion in a way somewhat similar to Christians in the Middle Ages. They believe they are right and everyone else is wrong.