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Europe's Unaccountable Palestinian Aid

By  Michael Theurer*  April 9, 2014

(“BIG” Editor comments -The government is considering subtracting from the monthly tax revenue it transfers to the Palestinian Authority the amount the PA pays to terrorists and their families, a government official said on Wednesday.
Holding back the monthly tax revenues – or a part of them – is one option Israel is considering, the official said, in response to the PA ’s unilateral application last week to join 15 international conventions and treaties, a move that sent the diplomatic talks into a tailspin.
According to a document released from the Prime Minister’s Office, the PA transferred $153.5m. in 2012 to terrorists in Israeli prisons and to their families, as well as to families of deceased terrorists, including suicide bombers. This amounts to nearly 16 percent of all foreign aid to the PA .
It should also be noted that the Palestinians owe in excess of $300 mill. to the Israeli Electric Co. )
The government in the West Bank is the only body receiving EU funds regardless of its human-rights record or economic performance.

At a time of austerity and belt-tightening, the European Union remains the biggest donor to Third World countries. EU assistance to the developing world serves European values and objectives—but only if EU institutions abide by the highest standards of accountability in managing European taxpayers' money. As a recent report by the European Court of Auditors found, that hasn't always been the case with respect to EU aid to the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.

Since the 1994 Oslo Agreement, which created the Palestinian Authority, the EU has offered generous financial assistance to Ramallah to help advance a just and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis. The EU is today the largest donor to the Palestinian Authority, which relies mainly on foreign donations. But European lawmakers have a duty to ensure that EU funds aren't diverted from the noble purpose for which they're intended.
In its report, issued in December, the European Court of Auditors revealed major dysfunctions in the management of EU financial support to the Palestinian Authority, and called for a serious overhaul of the funding mechanism.

Among other things, the court criticized the absence of any conditions for EU aid to the Palestinian Authority, an approach that reduces the potential leverage of the EU to push for more reforms from the Palestinian Authority. This is a surprising exception to the EU's famous "more-for-more" principle, according to which the EU offers stronger partnership and more incentives to countries that make more progress toward democratic reforms. This principle applies to every other recipient of EU aid in the world. In other words, the Palestinian Authority is the only body that receives EU funds regardless of its human-rights record or economic performance.

The court also revealed that, since 2007, "a considerable number" of Palestinian Authority civil servants in Gaza have received their salaries partly funded through EU aid—even though they "were not going to work due to the political situation in Gaza." How exactly does this contribute to peace-building? And how can the EU preserve its credibility back home when it pays salaries to people who don't work, while millions of European citizens are unemployed?

The court also found that the EU paid insufficient attention to the fungibility of the funds it provided to the Palestinian Authority. There is reason to believe that EU financial assistance has allowed the Palestinian Authority to use its own general budget to support terrorist or criminal activities.

The Palestinian Authority, for example, allocates a significant portion of its budget to paying salaries to Palestinian prisoners convicted of terrorism offenses. These salaries are up to five times higher than the average salary in the West Bank. Prisoners also receive large grants from the Palestinian Authority. According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2012 the Palestinian Authority's payments to convicted terrorists in Israeli prisons and to the families of deceased terrorists (including suicide bombers) together accounted for more than 16% of the annual foreign donations and grants to the budget of the Palestinian Authority. In February this year the Palestinian minister for prisoners' affairs announced that €30 million will be allocated to current or former prisoners in 2014.

One of the Palestinian Authority's main challenges is its widespread reputation for graft. That reputation has contributed to the success of Hamas, an EU-designated terrorist organization. Very simply, the more the PA is perceived as corrupt by the Palestinian people, the greater their support will be for Hamas. Thus, to promote peace and stability, Brussels must help the Palestinian Authority build strong and transparent institutions. This can't be achieved as long as the EU fails to set clear conditions for aid.
How can we ensure that EU financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority helps advance peace and stability in the region, while also promoting freedom, democracy and the rule of law? How can we guarantee no EU funds are used to reward terrorism? How can we be sure that EU money meant for public investment doesn't wind up in private Palestinian bank accounts?

The report from the European Court of Auditors is a wake-up call on the need for stricter supervision of how EU funding to the Palestinian Authority is spent. The plenary of the European Parliament last week passed a resolution calling for greater transparency in EU aid to the Palestinian Authority.

As chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Budgetary Control and a contributor to that resolution, I'm proud of my colleagues. But much more needs to be done: A useful next step would be the imposition of clear benchmarks and conditions that the Palestinian Authority would have to meet in order to receive additional EU funds. These should include improving the state of human rights in the West Bank, cracking down on corruption and cutting off subsidies to convicted Palestinian terrorists.

In these hard times, Brussels shouldn't tolerate blatant misuse of EU taxpayers' money.

* Mr. Theurer is chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on Budgetary Control.


  1. Is there a channel to direct copies of this important article to European leaders together with a request for confirmation of "read and understood"? If not, why not?

    1. It is about time we should stop supporting terrorist organizations with our hard earned tax dollars, that promotes war, not peace. Supporting the PA means supporting terrorism. We should control how the money we give is spent. We give to destroy ourselves. Will this bring PEACE? How can our Western leaders and rulers be so ignorant and naive?
      Only Education will bring Peace. We must educate our children and our nations that Palestinians were not the Phoenicians in the Old Testament (as they falsely claim they were) conquered by Israel. And the Canaanites and other tribes were not Arabs; all the existing tribes in Israel were amalgamated by King Saul and were not Arabs. Both Jews and Arabs, as well as many other nations, inhabited Palestine, and lived under the Ottoman Empire (Turks) prior to WWII. Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWII, The League of Nations (later United Nations) divided Palestine between the Jews and the Arabs: Israel, Jordan, and other Arab countries. Though there were Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Arabs inhabitants in Palestine, the Arabs do not want to tolerate the presence of Israel or any other nation that is not Muslim. Gaza is inhabited only by Muslim Palestinian Arabs and the world accepts that, even though Muslims can inhabit every corner and land on this planet. WHY??? The same rule is to apply to the West Bank. WHY???. Muslims believe that since once they conquered the land in the sixth century, it should always be theirs, according to their Prophet Mahomet. Must we support their belief and their theory? Our financial aid used to encourage and promote Terrorism supports their belief. Is that what we want?
      It is surprising how ignorant most people are of historical facts, and this believe the fictitious Palestinian stories. They do not want any partition or sharing Palestine with Israel. According to the Arabs, all the Middle East is Muslim, and only Muslim.
      Stopping foreign aid to Palestinian Arabs and teaching the History of the Middle East to everyone could resolve this problem.