Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Letter of Apology to the world media

Rolene Marks July 16th 2014 THE TIMES OF ISRAEL

Please allow me to apologise on behalf of all the citizens of the State of Israel.

 I humbly apologise to you and your readers and to the world for our leaders defending our right to live. Here in Israel, we consider living a basic human right.

The indignation of journalists, commentators and your readership has prompted them to spew forth some of the most vile invective we have seen other than that of Der Sturmer circa 1940’s and the letters and op-eds posted in your publication have educated me in a new level of hatred.

I apologise that it is left up to our army to make sure that the citizens of Gaza are evacuated from dangerous zones safely through pamphlets, text messages and roof knocking. I guess my text message and pamphlet were lost due to Hamas being on strike. Literally. 

I apologise that we have not racked up those large numbers of Israeli casualties you were hoping for. I apologise for a government who values my life and those of my fellow citizens so much they do anything in their power to protect it. Whatever internal squabbles we may have or policies we agree or don’t agree on, life is valuable.

 I am sorry for our defense forces, made up of representatives of all sectors of Israeli society, who both prepare us and defend us with their lives.

I am sorry for our Iron Dome batteries that intercept the rockets aiming for our death and destruction. For those of you calling Israel an Apartheid state, Iron Dome makes no distinction between Jew, Christian or Arab. We are all targets.

I apologise that our government has made sure that we are equipped with bomb shelters and know how much time we need to take cover.

 I am sorry that Hamas prefer to build weapons smuggling tunnels instead of protecting their citizens but the “death industry” (their words not mine – google it yourself) has proven more lucrative than saving lives.

Most of all, I am sorry that this upsets you so much that in countries across the world you choose to take out your frustration on members of the Jewish community, attacking people physically, in the media and in barely disguised hateful press releases.

Please accept my humble apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

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  1. Name the ringleader: BBC to whom all anti-Israel broadcasters pay homage.
    Not that the BBC will remove its thin veil by being blunt, it's just that in not a single broadcast in dozens each day during two thand rocket attacks on Israel in three weeks, did the BBC even once begin a broadcast with " Gaza today fired rockets indiscriminately at Jews Arabs and Christians in Israel."
    Never once did the BBC ever describe Israel's low casualty numbers with words like "Thankfully Israel's decades of work in building shelters for it's Jewish Arab and Christian population has secured their lives against the current attempts to murder them in full view of the global media" - or any similar reference to the cause of Israel's low casualty figures.
    Rather these low numbers are presented as proof of Israel's so-called "disproportionate" response.
    Reporters like Lees Ducette (however she spells it) are dispatched to reveal what Hamas has brought on its population, using ninety percent of the allocated air-time in painting its gory details.
    Thus the BBC, and its followers like CNN and the world press like the Guardian and the equally evil New York Times and many other BBC disciples convey the clear impression that Israel's response to a mortal threat is an unprovoked attack on innocents.
    How are these broadcasters less guilty than those who openly advocate Israel's destruction?