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UN Watch counters biased inquiry with battery of plenary speeches, press conference, side event for diplomats & rights activists 
Hillel Neuer UN Watch July 1, 2015   
GENEVA, July 1 - UN Watch and its partners organized a battery of high-profile events at the United Nations on Monday, covered by Reuters and other major media, allowing senior international military, legal and political figures to expose the gross distortions of the Schabas-Davis report, presented that day by the Commission of Inquiry into last summer's Gaza conflict.

The thrust of the Schabas-Davis report, named after the PLO's legal consultant who initiated and headed the probe for six months and the judge who completed it, is that Israel's political and military leaders (together with Hamas terrorists) should be investigated and prosecuted for "possible war crimes" in international tribunals, as well as in domestic courts worldwide.

At their side event, UN Watch and NGO Monitor released a major alternative report to the UN's Gaza inquiry, entitled Filling in the Blanks, and invited the contributors to present. 

Below are remarks from the day-long UN debate -- followed by the interventions that were facilitated by UN Watch together with NGO Monitor, and with the cooperation of JINSA.

Mary McGowan Davis, Chair of Commission of Inquiry:
Let me now turn to our key findings. First, the attacks by the IDF on homes and families…"
"The strikes may have constituted military tactics reflective of a broader policy, approved at least tacitly by decision-makers at the highest levels of the Government of Israel... Current accountability mechanisms may not be adequate to address this issue... The parties should cooperate fully with the preliminary examination of the International Criminal Court and with any subsequent investigation that may be opened.”

Saudi Arabia: "Israel is the worst racist regime in the world. Israel is the biggest violator of human rights in the world. The case must be referred to the ICC for crimes against humanity."

State of Palestine: "We examined the report, and we can now say it is balanced to a great extent... Israeli leadership… deliberately planned this barbaric aggression."

Algeria for the African Group: "We urge the government of Israel to take all necessary measures to put an end to the impunity that prevails currently."

Tunisia on Behalf of the Arab Group: "We condemn the barbaric aggression against the besieged and occupied Palestinians... The report shows the need to establish accountability to investigate violations during this Israeli aggression."

Pakistan for the Islamic Group: "These attacks were result of a broader policy conceived by higher echelons of the Israeli government…"

Iceland: "No one cannot stay immune to the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza."

Ireland: "We commend the Commission of Inquiry's work despite serious onstacles put in their way. Ireland regrets Israel’s decision not to cooperate. The right to self defense does not give confer Israel carte blanche to act with disproportionate force. This is a serious and conscientious document, balanced, sober, and reasoned."

Venezuela: "The inquiry demonstrated that Israeli armed forces once again acted as a terrorist organisation, by deliberately attacking civilians with the intention of murdering them… Criminal responsibility for those who perpetrated this genocidal attack." 

Response to the U.N. Gaza Report: Panel of Experts
Side event at United Nations Human Rights Council
co-sponsored by UN Watch & NGO Monitor

 The main response was delivered on live webcast in a packed hall inside the UNHRC building in front of diplomats, major media and human rights activists. Reuters and Yahoo News published photos of the speakers and a description of the event. Full video of the 2-hour panel is here.

Moderator: Hillel Neuer, Executive Director, UN Watch

Dr. Uzi Rubin, Founder, Israel Missile Defense Organization - Click for video

Anne Herzberg, Legal Advisor, NGO Monitor - Click for video

Dr. Jonathan Schanzer, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies - Click for video

Prof. Gerald Steinberg, President of NGO Monitor - Click for video

Major-General Mike Jones, Former Chief of Staff, U.S. Central Command - Click for video

Lt. Col. Geoffrey S. Corn, Former law of war expert, U.S. army - Click for video

Col. Richard Kemp, Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan  Click for video

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