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By Isi Leibler 7-4-2016

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The United Nations is an evil body dominated by Islamic nations and tyrannies.

Just last week, on March 24 in Geneva, the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) concluded its session by passing five resolutions condemning Israel. This followed a series of blood libels accusing the only democratic country, in a region surrounded by barbarism, of engaging in a policy of deliberate murder of Palestinian children.

Indeed the Human Rights Council has passed more resolutions condemning Israel over the past decade than all resolutions criticizing other governments combined. This, despite the fact that countries leading the charges against Israel are themselves engaged in horrific human rights violations. And despite the fact that in Syria, Israel’s neighbor, hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions are trying to flee the country as President Bashar Assad’s army and ISIS butcher entire communities.

The reality is that the United Nations, with its subsidiaries, has morphed into an evil body dominated by Islamic nations, tyrannies and rogue states whose policies it legitimizes.

Freedom House, the independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy, maintains that 80% of UNHRC members are “not free” or only “partly free.” In this degenerate body, Saudi Arabia was elected last year to chair a key human rights panel.

The UNHRC has consistently appointed fiercely biased anti-Israel rapporteurs and commissioned numerous reports to demonize Israel and accuse the Israel Defense Forces of engaging in war crimes.

Last month, it passed a resolution to boycott produce and compile a list of businesses over the Green Line - clearly a first step in the direction of sanctions and an extension of the global anti-Semitic BDS movement.
Similar outrageous bias is also prevalent in the U.N. General Assembly and Security Council where demonizing, delegitimizing and attributing all the woes of the world to the Jewish state is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda or the Middle Ages when Jews were held responsible for all the misfortunes of mankind.

The initiatives of these efforts to demonize Israel emanate from rogue states that dominate the U.N.
A few examples:
  • Representatives of Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya and Qatar served as presidents of the General Assembly;
  • A representative of Iran served as a vice president;
  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who heads the world’s most virulent terror state, used the General Assembly to “condemn terror” while interspersing his statements with anti-Semitic remarks;
  • Iran, which stones women for adultery, was appointed to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women;
  • Assad’s Syria was elected to a UNESCO commission dealing with human rights and nuclear proliferation;
  • As recently as 2010, the UNHRC published a report praising the human rights record of Libya;
  • A representative of Sudan, whose president is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, was elected vice president of the Economic and Social Council, which regulates human rights;
  • North Korea was elected to chair the Conference on Disarmament;
  • UNESCO continuously condemns Israel and only once condemned Syria, and yet elected Syria to one of its human rights committees.
  • In 2015 the World Health Organization had the gall to pass a resolution, introduced by Syria, by a majority of 104 with 4 opposed and 6 abstentions, absurdly claiming that Israel was “targeting the health of Syrians in the Golan … injecting them with pathogenic viruses.” The WHO has never carried a single resolution condemning any other country.
Further examples abound of the hypocritical, corrupt and evil machinations of the U.N.

After the defeat of nazism, the founders of the United Nations endorsed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They never envisaged that the organization they created would subsequently be hijacked by dictatorships and tyrannies who would exploit it as a platform to promote evil, even including the endorsement of genocide.

Israel became the canary in the mine. Two decades after having endorsed the creation of the State of Israel, the U.N. initiated a concerted effort towards its delegitimization.

We have witnessed a dramatic downward spiral at the U.N. over the last 30 years. In the 1990s, the Security Council was disgraced by its failure to quash genocide in Rwanda, despite the fact that it had peacekeeping forces in the area. Likewise, the shocking blunder in Srebrenica, Bosnia, when a U.N. battalion -- in a U.N.-declared “free zone” -- handed 8,000 Muslim civilians to the Serb military, which promptly slaughtered them all. Nor was the U.N. able to deal with the genocide in Sudan or more recently the carnage in Syria.

Instead, it intensified its anti-Israel campaigns. What is morally despicable is that the Europeans, who initially displayed token resistance to some of the more outrageous attacks on Israel, have reverted to the role they played in the 1930s when they stood aside as the forces of darkness enveloped the Jewish people.

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  1. Islam seeks to and is very successful, so far in hoodwinking the weak minded into believing that Islam is a force for good. Just because some things are deemed to be "politically correct" does not mean that they are correct. And in most cases if not all cases 'politically correct' is common sense WRONG. The UN should be renamed to "THE UN Support For Islam Organisation.