Wednesday, June 13, 2018


the western media continue in their hostile questioning of the Israeli prime minister.
Here, for example, from BBC Newsnight:
The BBC presenter (Evan Davis) interrupts Netanyahu by claiming a dozen of those who died on May 14 were civilians. He doesn’t give Netanyahu a chance to say that (in addition to the 50 Hamas members) some of these were Islamic Jihad terrorists (see below).
It is once again apparent in this interview that this leading BBC journalist, like many other journalists and their chosen studio experts, don’t seem to understand that being tough against Iran, just as Donald Trump was tough and threatening against North Korea, has a better chance of yielding peace than appeasing the Iranian regime as the European leaders and the Obama administration did, which merely emboldened it to be more aggressive across the Middle East in recent years.
No doubt fearful that the North Korean regime may no longer be their ally, an Iranian government spokesperson, as well as Hamas, have denounced the North Korea talks.
The Iranian regime are also worried that the North Koreans will provide details of their past nuclear cooperation with Iran and Syria.

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