Thursday, August 14, 2014

UK to suspend military exports to Israel, if fighting in Gaza resumes

 (“BIG” Committee note:- We believe this is the UK giving the green light to Hamas to continue the fighting by this action.
Israel is being bullied by the West and therefore Hamas has no incentive to negotiate a lasting ceasefire.)

Reuters 12.8.2014

LONDON - Britain said on Tuesday it would suspend 12 licenses to export military items to Israel, including tank, aircraft and radar parts, if hostilities with Hamas in Gaza resumed, citing concerns the exports may be used to breach international laws.

Britain said last week it was reviewing all arms export licenses to Israel after fierce fighting which has resulted in heavy civilian casualties in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

That review concluded on Tuesday that 12 licenses would be temporarily suspended pending further investigation if the current truce breaks down and heavy fighting resumes.

"The UK government has not been able to clarify if the export license criteria are being met," Business Secretary Vince Cable said in a statement.

"In light of that uncertainty, we have taken the decision to suspend these existing export licenses in the event of a resumption of significant hostilities."

Israel says its operation in Gaza is self-defense, aimed at stopping rockets being fired from the enclave by Islamist militants.

According to a report by a British parliamentary committee last month, outstanding government-approved contracts for export of dual use or military goods to Israel are worth more than 7.8 billion pounds ($13 billion). These include contracts to supply body armor, drone components and missile parts.

Cable's department said the vast majority of export licenses were not for items that could be used by Israeli forces in its operations in Gaza, but it was unable to immediately confirm the value of the licenses that could be suspended.

Britain said that the suspensions would not include components for Israel's "Iron Dome" system which protects the country from rockets fired by Hamas.

Last week Sayeeda Warsi, a senior Foreign Office minister, resigned, accusing Prime Minister David Cameron's government of taking a "morally indefensible" approach on Gaza.


  1. If war casualties are a criteria for withholding military supplies, then perhaps the UK should defer supplies to its own forces.

  2. It's not surprising that Britain has a stain against Israel as history tells us prior to the establishment of the State of Israel that was still under British rule, Britain help establish the Jordan Military in training and supply of weapons to make Jordan a force to be recognized in the Middle East. The Israelis had next to nothing in comparison with Jordan had and if any armament Israel possessed (if found) was confiscated by the British army. When the war of independence broke out by the Arab armies (Jordan included) Israel was forced to seek any weapons they could find even purchasing old WWII arms & aircraft (a few spitfires among them). We all know the outcome with Israel winning the war with heavy losses. This was a slap in the face to Britain of which she has not forgotten. A few years ago I met a press writer who told me that most of the World Press Companies are financed heavily by Arab businessmen who are Israelis mortal enemy e.g. Associated Press (AP) and Reuters. His words were, "..... nothing should be trusted coming out of these two newspapers until 2090."

  3. Israel is fighting not only in Gaza but also a Media Jihad . An unseen enemy deep underground can not be shown on TV nor in Newspapers..
    I am shocked of England's decision (bordering on giving in to the Islam Community in England in fact I do believe they have taken you over without a shot) and....
    lets not forget in WWII the British bombed the houses in Germany to win the War just remember Dresden and Hahnover which I witnessed from a distance and they had no qualm about it. Of course not we had to defeat the enemy. That is exactly what Israel has to do and if Hamas keeps the PA people in the buildings yes than there are casualties then. How did I see the bombing of Hahnover I was 30 KM away in Belsen Concentration Camp which the British Army Liberated
    nearly 70 years ago. So what happened to the courage of the British to fight for what is Right. If Israel loses this War and there will not be Peace I believe you do not have to wait for Islam to conquer England it looks that you have lost already to them

  4. The Guardian
    Tuesday 12 August 2014 17.58 BST

    As the glare of the national press and media spotlight fades following the sudden resignation by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi last week, there is no mistaking that in the Yorkshire Muslim heartlands of Bradford, Dewsbury and Batley, Warsi’s decision has been greeted with joy.